Learning to value your anger

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How does anger work? In my work with emotions, I identify what’s happening when people feel specific emotions. For instance, when we say we’re angry, what is occurring? What are the situations that call forth an anger response and how does the anger address what’s happening? How does anger support or impede us, and what is anger’s purpose? Over the decades, I’ve asked that question of … Read More

A new therapeutic approach and licensing program!

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Emotions contain vital healing wisdom that isn’t available anywhere else Recent research is helping us see that emotions are vital to nearly everything we do. Though we have misunderstood emotions for centuries and treated them very poorly, we are beginning to understand their value and their power. Emotions help us attach value to information. They help us decide whether people are safe or unsafe. They help … Read More

Befriending Your Sadness

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Letting go, relaxing, and rejuvenating: These are the gifts of sadness Online course starts Monday, August 27th at Empathy Academy   I’ve been observing the emotions on the left and the right here in the U.S., and it pretty much goes like this: Anger, fear, panic, hatred, depression, despair, and then it starts again at anger. These are all valuable emotions when you know how to … Read More

Emotional Flow starts August 6th!

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Becoming Fluent in The Language of Emotions Starts Monday, August 6th 8 weeks of self-paced multi-media learning, Q&A, forum interactions, and downloadable content $165 Emotional Flow will help you access the genius inside your emotions Your emotions are essential to every aspect of your life — yet few of us were ever taught how to work with them skillfully. In this self-paced 8-week course, empathy pioneer Karla McLaren … Read More

The Nourishment in Deep Emotions

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An evening with Karla McLaren, M.Ed. Portland, Oregon Friday, June 22nd, 3pm to 7pm $40 ($20 for students) CEs available Your deep emotions can be your greatest allies in healing deep wounds. In many psychological and medical traditions, emotions – especially deep and intense emotions – are seen as interfering with cognition, behavior, and the healing process itself. This problem-focused view of emotions has meant that … Read More

How to talk about suicide

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The Darkness before Dawn: Understanding the Suicidal Urge When a famous person commits suicide, and breathless news reports sensationalize or confuse the situation, there is the danger that others will follow his or her lead. Careful reporting can reduce this risk, and providing straightforward information about depression and suicide can help suffering people find help. Numerous studies have shown that responsible media can save lives (or … Read More

You can befriend your anger!

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Anger is a vital emotion Anger helps you set boundaries, identify what’s important to you, and access strength, justice, and love. However, very few of us have been taught to view anger in this way (or to work with it in helpful ways). Learning to work with anger — instead of repressing the life out of it or exploding outward with it — is one of … Read More

Love is constant; only the names change

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In my work, I focus on emotions and empathy, and people regularly ask me whether love is an emotion. To my eye, no. it’s not. Here’s why. Why love is not an emotion When an emotion is healthy, it arises only when it’s needed, it shifts and changes in response to its environment, and it recedes willingly once it has addressed an issue. When love is … Read More

Emotional Genius Online in February!

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~ Discovering the Brilliance in Your Emotions ~ With Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainers and Consultants Amanda Ball, MS and Sherry Olander, CMT. This 6-week online course starts Monday, February 19th. See below to learn more or register now! Join us for Emotional Genius Online Emotions are possibly your greatest source of instincts, intelligence, and energy — and you can learn how to access the brilliance … Read More

Emotion Regulation helps you persevere

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Where do we go from here? We are in a new and deeply troubling world, where pundits, writers, philosophers, social scientists, and spiritual leaders are churning out endless opinion pieces about how we got here. We’ve all been consuming these opinions, and that’s a natural response. But I don’t know if it’s helping us regulate and ground ourselves. I don’t have an opinion piece yet; it’s … Read More

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