Introducing The Language of Emotions Cards!

Photo of five Emotion Cards
This portable Language of Emotions card deck was created by Karla McLaren to help you increase your empathic and emotional skills, anytime and anywhere. These twenty-four cards offer detailed insights into the seventeen distinct emotions and the unique Empathic Mindfulness practices that support your emotional and empathic awareness.

All emotions are necessary, and all emotions are supportive if they appear at the right time and at the correct intensity for the situation. Emotions are an irreplaceable part of your cognitive skills, and learning more about them will help you become more aware, more appropriately sensitive (instead of hypersensitive), and more comfortable in your inner life, in your relationships, and in the social world.

The Emotion Cards: Each of the seventeen emotion cards contains a detailed list of the gifts each emotion brings you, questions you can ask yourself when each emotion arises, signs of obstruction or trouble in that emotion, and a focused, hands-on practice for working with that emotion in your daily life. Includes Anger, Fear, Sadness, Happiness, Apathy, Guilt & Shame, Hatred, Grief, Contentment, Jealousy, Envy, The Suicidal Urge, Joy, and more … every emotion is presented as a necessary aspect of your cognitive and social skills.

The Empathic Mindfulness Cards: Each of the Empathic Mindfulness cards were created to help you bring focus and mindfulness to your emotional life. These practices utilize one or more emotions in their “free-flowing” states so that you can begin to identify differing levels of emotion and integrate your mindfulness practice and your emotional awareness. These skills will help you maintain your focus, understand appropriate boundaries, address internal tension, and work with your strong emotions with grace, humor, and intelligence. Includes the five main Empathic Mindfulness practices from The Language of Emotions, plus Stress & Resistance, and suggestions for using these cards as a part of your daily empathic practice.

The Language of Emotions Cards are printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks!

The Language of Emotions Cards will help you quickly identify, understand, and respond to your emotions — and they’ll act as reminders of the Empathic Mindfulness practices that help you integrate your emotive life, your intelligence, your ethics, and your empathy. Thank you for bringing your emotional awareness and your empathy to a waiting world!

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