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The Language of Emotions!

Emotions—especially the dark and dishonored ones—hold a tremendous amount of energy. We’ve all seen what happens when we repress or carelessly express them. With The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You, empathy pioneer and researcher Karla McLaren shows you how to work with your emotions and receive their life-saving wisdom in healthy and useful ways.

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Your ability to work intelligently with your emotions is a key factor in determining your overall well-being. But how many of us were taught what to do in the face of overwhelming grief, seething anger, or paralyzing fear? Through experiential exercises covering a full spectrum of feelings from anger, fear, and shame to jealousy, grief, joy, and more, you’ll discover how to work with your own and others’ emotions with fluency and expertise.

In the field of the sociology of emotions, researchers attempt to connect emotions across cultures to create a grand unified theory of emotion. In this book, Karla McLaren stands at the very center of the emotional realm itself and connects the emotions within and throughout the psyche in surprising — and imminently useful — new ways.

This is a much-needed resource filled with revolutionary teachings and breakthrough skills for cultivating a new and empowering relationship with all of your emotions.

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Karla McLaren takes a seemingly easy question like, ‘How are you feeling?’ and shows that few of us know how to really answer it for ourselves. Most important, she teaches us how to find the true answer on a moment-to-moment basis. The Language of Emotions has changed the way I relate to others, and to myself, forever.Gavin de Becker, author, The Gift of Fear, Fear Less, and Protecting the Gift

In my own graduate education in Counseling Psychology, I found very little information about our emotions. Yet in my work as a therapist and educator, I’ve seen that emotions are key to healing. Karla McLaren’s book offers an outstanding guide to the signals and messages emotions send us, along with clear instructions for intelligent and emotion-supporting actions we can take in response. Karla has made a huge contribution to the well-being of us all; The Language of Emotions will become required reading for my courses.

Nancy Feehan, MFT, Adjunct Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco

Karla McLaren’s unique, empathic view of emotions surprisingly revalues even the most “negative” emotions and opens pathways to understanding the depths of the human soul.

Michael Meade, author, The World Behind the World and The Water of Life


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