Elemental Balance in May!

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Elemental Balance: Honoring Your Whole Self

An online course at Empathy Academy

Monday, May 7th to Friday, June 1st

4 Weeks: $195

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We are not just our minds. We are not just our bodies. Nor are we just our emotions or our spirits. Our whole selves are made up of all of these things.

Yet many people struggle to access all of these elements in workable ways. Some people experience their emotions as problems instead of gifts; some people struggle to integrate their intellect with their other elements; others have difficulty accessing their spiritual or visionary aspects; while others have difficulty caring for their bodies when their minds are busy.

In the online course Elemental Balance, you can learn how to balance your elements — mind, body, emotion, and spirit — and integrate them as essential parts of your whole life. Honoring and supporting all these aspects of yourself can help you become your best self!

Sherry Olander, CMT

Join licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant and Trainer, Sherry Jean Olander, CMT for this online course where you’ll learn about the quaternity theory of understanding your self, and be introduced to ways to incorporate elemental balance into your life.

In this online class you’ll explore:

  • The different types of intelligences
  • What each of your elements represents, and how your integrated fifth element arises
  • The messages in your emotions
  • Practical approaches to help you access the wisdom of all of the parts of yourself
  • Simple self-care skills to honor your mind, body, spirit, and emotions

This course is open to everyone from all walks of life!

Contact Sherry with questions or for more information.

We invite you to explore your Elemental Balance!

Course Details

Dates: 4 weeks: Monday, May 7th to Friday, June 1st

Price: $195

Learning and Interaction Structure: Reading curriculum, forum discussions, journal questions and exercises in units, and one-hour weekly webinars, using the Zoom video conferencing program.

Time Commitment: You’ll read the course curriculum and interact in the forum on your own schedule, and you’ll meet with Sherry and your classmates for one hour in the Zoom each week.

Zoom Schedule: The Zoom meetings are scheduled based on students’ time zones and schedules. These meetings are recorded if you cannot attend.


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